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Cambridge Connections

celebrating kindred spirits

through insight, scholarship, and creativity

 Welcome to Cambridge Connections with author Marilyn Fedewa. Although the subjects of my books and publications are quite different, a theme that runs throughout is a celebration of the connections and contributions people make when they follow their inner lights. Then they bridge gaps that might otherwise seem insurmountable, and they enrich us all.

Sor Maria was able to bridge the gap between an errant king and the religious life, between the human experience and visions of the divine, and between Native American beliefs and Christianity. Emil Lockwood was able to bridge the gap across the political aisle, between liberals and conservatives, between public and private agendas. And even in the memoir that I edited, the gunner serving in British India was able to bridge the gap between his very Anglo background and that of an entirely different culture. 

As a writer, it is my joy to celebrate these kindred spirits through thorough research on their lives and legacies, and then doing my best to portray them with insight and creativity in my writing.  

I'm especially pleased to include info on my new book, Dark Eyes, Lady Blue: Maria of Agreda (TTUPress, April 2020). You may perhaps find it to be an easier read than my 2009 definitive biography of the fascinating Lady in Blue of the American Southwest (see links). Yet I assure you that it is just as thoroughly researched, and has new material not in my prior book, including important updates on Sor Maria's legacy. 

That 2009 biography of inspiring 17th century figure Sor Maria of Agreda is still going strong, through multiple printings with the University of New Mexico Press (MARIA of AGREDA: Mystical Lady in Blue). And my and Stan Fedewa's 2003 co-authored biography of Emil Lockwood (MAN in MOTION: Emil Lockwood, Michigan's Legendary Senate Majority Leader) continues to be available through Michigan State University Press. 

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PS, FYI, the "Cambridge" portion of Cambridge Connections is not related to Cambridge University -- it just happens to be the name of the memorable street and subdivision in Michigan where the authors lived at the time they began this work.


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