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Stan and Marilyn Fedewa offer a wide array of writing and communications skills, having worked separately and together with diverse groups of people and organizations, including the media. They have managed and held direct accountability for public relations, marketing, speech and article writing, community and constituency relations.

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List of encyclopedia articles written by the authors for Hispanic American Biographies (Grolier Scholastic, 2006) featuring 1,000 influential Hispanic Americans past and present:

ACEVEDO-VILA, Anibal, “Governor, political activist,” SCF

ÁGREDA, María de Jesús de, “Missionary, Author, Mystic,” MHF

ARANA, Marie, “Journalist, author, editor,” MHF

BENAVIDES, Alonso de, “Missionary, Explorer ,” MHF

CARMONA, Dr. Richard H., “U.S. Surgeon General,” MHF

CHAVES, J. Francisco, “Military hero, politician,” MHF

CHÁVEZ, Fray Angélico, “Artist, author, historian,” MHF

CISNEROS, Henry G., “Mayor, HUD Secretary, businessman, community leader,” SCF

CORONEL, Antonio F., “Early California statesman,” MHF

FERNáNDEZ, Ricardo R., “College president,” MHF

FERRé, Luis A., “Former governor of Puerto Rico,” MHF

FLORES, Patrick F., “Archbishop, activist,” MHF

JARAMILLO, Mari-Luci, “Ambassador, educator,” MHF

LISA, Manuel, “Explorer, Trader,” MHF

MARGIL DE JESÚS, Antonio, “Missionary,” MHF

MARIN, Rosario, “U.S. Treasurer, mayor, advocate for disabled,” SCF

RICHARDSON, Bill, “Governor, Congressman, U.S. Cabinet Member, Ambassador, SCF

SERRA, Junípero, “Founder of California missions,” MHF

VILLARAIGOSA, Antonio, “Mayor, California Assembly Speaker,” SCF

YBARBO, Antonio Gil, “Colonizer,” MHF

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