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Photo of Emil Lockwood MAN IN MOTION
Michigan's Legendary Senate Majority Leader, Emil Lockwood

-- The Official Biography
by Stan Fedewa and Marilyn Fedewa

This well-researched biography chronicles Lockwood's political and entrepreneurial feats with energy, insight and humor. The reader joins him in WW II aboard LST 478, amidst kamikaze and submarine attacks, then follows him to Michigan's Senate floor (1963 -1970) where as Majority Leader his mettle is tested during unprecedented crises of fiscal reform, and post-Detroit-riot civil unrest. He co-founded Public Affairs Associates (PAA), the state's premier multi-client bipartisan lobbying firm with Jerry Coomes. For students of life, political science, and Michigan history, MAN IN MOTION will resonate.

Order your copy of MAN IN MOTION now through Michigan State University Press or Amazon.Com. I

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