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 Book outlines the life of Emil Lockwood

A well-respected maverick known for telling it like it is, Emil Lockwood, made his place in history, and a recently published biography records his experiences for future generations.

Entitled "Man in Motion," the book tells the story of Michigans legendary senate Majority Leader who maintained his ties to St. Louis until he died in 2002 at the age of 82.

Lockwood enlisted the help of biographers Stanley and Marilyn Fedewa to publish his memoirs, setting the gears in motion in 2001. The book outlines Lockwood's childhood in Ottawa, Ill., and progresses throughout his time in the Navy, his political career and his retirement. Because he died unexpectedly while the book was in progress, the Fedewas changed the books ending to include a memorial section with portions of eulogies given for Lockwood at the capital.

"He was one of four legislators that was so honored by a memorial service in the state capital," Fedewa said. When Lockwood decided to tell his story, he wanted to work with someone who had a political background and would work hard. He met the Fedewas through a mutual friend. "It was indeed quite a research project," Fedewa said.

The first 12 to 15 months were spent tracking down people who know Lockwood and sorting through a lifetime of scrapbooks and papers. The Fedewas wanted to show Lockwood's character and why he was well respected. "It's quite unusual to run into someone who could do all the things he did so well and he was so universally held in high esteem," Fedewa said.

Lockwood represented Gratiot, Clinton and Shiawasee counties as well as parts of Montcalm and Eaton counties in the state Senate from 1962 to 1970, six years of which he was the Republican majority leader. He also co-founded the state's first bipartisan, multi-client lobbying firm. He was one of the first residents in the Westgate subdivision in St. Louis, where he also owned several properties, and was a certified public accountant in Alma.

During a visit to St. Louis in 2001, Lockwood said he was proud of his work in the Senate for open, or non-segregated, housing as well as his work on the New Detroit Committee after the Detroit riots of 1967.

"I think (my greatest accomplishment) was having the ability to do things that (Governor) George Romney wanted done," Lockwood said at the time. "He really treated me like I was a lot more important than I am . . . ."

Lockwood had a tremendous sense of humor which is captured in the biography, Fedewa said. "It was a delightful experience talking to him," Fedewa said. "He lived up to his reputation for telling it like it is."

Some of the people interviewed for the biography include former Gov. John Engler, former U.S. Rep. Guy Vander Jagt, Romney and more. In fact, the biography includes a picture of Lockwood with Engler in June of 2002 during the last official meeting Lockwood had, outside his family, before his death, Fedewa said. "It turned out to be a poignant meeting," he said.

The biography will be distributed through The Book Shoppe in Alma, and a special book signing has been arranged between noon and 5 p.m. July 19 at the St. Louis Area Historical Society depot off old State road during the sesquicentennial.

Fedewa has a political background and both he and Marilyn have written a lot of articles, speeches and more over the years., though this was their first collaborative project. Fedewa focused on the political career while Marilyn put together sections on Lockwood's early life, time in school and retirement years in Florida.


Copyright  2003 The Morning Sun, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

July 14, 2003

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