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Who is Maria de Agreda?

Sor Maria de Jesus de Agreda (1602 - 1665), also known as the Lady in Blue, Mary of Agreda and Maria of Agreda, survived the Spanish Inquisition, advised the King of Spain, and preached Christianity in the American Southwest -- most notably in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. There, she is revered as the legendary Lady in Blue because of the miraculous nature of her preaching appearances. The widespread effect of her missionary work is cited in numerous historical texts of the time. Yet, Sor Maria left perhaps an even more inspiring legacy in her chronicle of the life of Mary, Mystical City of God, in which she also described her own spiritual visions. 

Hailed by Radiotelevision Espanole (RTVE) as one of the nine most influential women in Spanish history, Sor Maria has yet to be canonized a saint, though there has been increasing groundswell to do so since the 400th anniversary of her birth in 2002. Follow the story of the life and works of the Lady in Blue on these pages, and be sure to look into my new biography of Sor Maria with the
University of New Mexico Press !

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