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     Hardcover sold out, softcover reprinted three times and readily available; Kindle/e-book, and audiobook too!    

Front cover and spine of book jacket:

Maria of Agreda: Mystical Lady in Blue  is available in softcover and Kindle formats through the University of New Mexico Press  (UNMP),, and your favorite online or local store. And, it's out in audiobook too, since the Fall of 2013. As for the reviews, here's what they're saying about it in:

SMRC Revista: "...a startlingly intimate portrayal of the life and struggles of one of the most influential women of the seventeenth century." 

Southwestern Historical Quarterly: "a real pleasure to read . . . an outstanding contribution to the researching of the Catholic heritage of the American Southwest." "I purchased thiswonderful book and found it difficult to put down. The book is thoroughly researched and so well written . . . [it] will keep the reader intrigued until the end. This book should be on your "must read" list. Enjoy it!  

Catholic Southwest: "Any readers curious about mystical phenomena will find much to interest them in Marilyn Fedewa's engaging biography of Maria of Agreda....Fedewa deserves credit for having brought the story of this once famous nun back to light."

Church History: "Scholars from diverse fields will find in this eminently readable and meticulously researched biography ample material to continue the study of one of Spain's most important--but for many, the least well known--Catholic mystics of the Counter Reformation."

A Contra Corriente Journal: "[Fedewa] fills out a compelling, three-dimensional character [in] ... a spiritual biography of a unique woman who played a fascinating role in the politics of her time."

Colonial Latin American Historical Review: "This well-written book is recommended to the general reader and the professional interested in a unique facet of New Mexico's early history."