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     New in 2020 -- a fresh account of the 17th century Lady in Blue's history in the American Southwest    

Dark Eyes, Lady Blue: Maria of Agreda is an all new treatment of the history of the Lady in Blue in the American Southwest. It begins with a life-changing moment at age seven, when she watched a play on the Discovery of America. From there it alternates between her experiences and those of Jumano chief Tuerto, as well as Benavides the missionary, and Felipe IV, the king of Spain. The book was released in April 2020 by Texas Tech University Press (TTUPress). Their website is currently under reconstruction through the fall, but there's always, or you can order it from your favorite online or local store. Reviews are just starting to come in -- here's a sneak preview of what early readers are saying:

The Southwest Indian Foundation: "Marilyn Fedewa has succeeded in portraying one of the most intriguing and influential (though almost unknown) personas in the early history of our country. Her book gives more of an understanding of who we are as a People, as well as an introduction into a profound mystical world." ----William McCarthy, Director

Grand Valley State University educator: "Contemporary readers of history seldom encounter a work accounting for political, cultural and institutional dynamics, and fervent personal spirituality.  Dark Eyes, Lady Blue has all these elements woven into [this] ... tale of the 17th Century Catholic mystic - Maria of Agreda.  An evangelizer of the Americas and author of one of the great Catholic works - Mystical City of God, Maria of Agreda deserves to be better known.  Ms. Fedewa has done her part to bring Sor Maria's life to today's readers, first in her earlier work Maria of Agreda: Mystical Lady in Blue, and now in this new and engaging story of her life." ----- Mark Murray, president emeritus 

From the publisher: "This fresh telling of María's story is one that will appeal to readers young and old and provides an unforgettable perspective on early American exploration of Texas and New Mexico." ----- TTUPress 

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