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The Convent of the Conception publishes the official website for Sor Maria from the same facility in Agreda, Spain which she constructed in the first half of the 17th century, and where her uncorrupted body still resides. (This is the same website as the one listed in the left column as "official.")

Catholic Encyclopedia, a la 1907, gives an official perspective on Sor Maria's merit and favor, highlighting the ascerbic diatribes rendered by the Sorbonne University of Paris in 1686. The 2003 CE edition (not available online) bypasses all the old gory detail in favor of material derived exclusively from TD Kendrick's 1967 biography of Sor Maria (well-researched, of course, from this former director of the British Museum, but falls short in treating her spiritual life, in my estimation).

Vatican sponsored a Marian Conference in Agreda in 2002, highlighting Sor Maria's major work on Mary, Mystical City of God. As of May 2003, the Vice Postulator for her Cause for Sainthood says her prospects for Beatification are good, and in 2008 the newly appointed Prefect for the Congregation of Saints, Archbishop Angelo Amato, personally visited her convent.

Professor Clark Colahan offers an insightful and scholarly perspective on Sor Maria's many contributions, in The Visions of Sor Maria de Agreda: Writing Knowledge and Power (The University of Arizona Press: Tuscon & London, 1994), to the chagrin of some reviewers who did not agree with his pro-feminist take on Sor Maria's challenges and cotnributions.

Handbook of Texas Online Library offers excellent background and references on Sor Maria's supernatural appearances in the American Southwest in the 17th century.

Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia has some background material on Sor Maria (click on Wikiipedia) and also King Philip IV of Spain, relevant to the era and his correspondence with Sor Maria de Agreda. 

Thanks for visiting, and come back soon! For availability on my new biography on Sor Maria, please click on the link in the left column, or email Marilyn Fedewa at: M dot Agreda @ Comcast dot Net , and be sure to put "Agreda Update Request" in the subject line, so your message doesn't get accidentally blocked by our Spam Control program!

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