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XXXXX . . . Maria de Agreda, Lady in Blue in the News . . .

Jumano Native Americans still revere Lady in Blue
"They were etched forever in American colonial history, as was the Lady in Blue, by the Benavides Memorials of 1630 and 1634. Yet by the 20th century, the Jumanos were all but extinct.     In his memorials, Padre Alonso de Benavides recorded valuable pioneering data about the American Southwest.  His reports have endured in colonial histories throughout the centuries as some of the earliest first-hand knowledge of the population characteristics, statistics, locations and customs of many native tribes and the natural resources in their locales.  He gave particular attention to the miraculous conversion of the Jumano people by a mysterious “Lady in Blue. . . .”    Click here to continue reading

Tradicion Revista, December 2008
(c) by Marilyn H. Fedewa

Voice Coach
"My mentor is a 17th century mystic, a cloistered abbess in an old-world convent tucked into the mountains of northeastern Spain . . . ."   Click here to continue reading

U. S. Catholic, October 2007
by Marilyn H. Fedewa, reprinted with permission from

Embajadora de Dios por el mundo
"Creo con todo mi corazsn que la Venerable Sor Maria vivis de forma desbordante la heroicidad de virtudes y que a ella se le pueden atribuir muchos milagros tanto en vida como despuis de su muerte. (Criterios estos para declarar santa a una persona, segzn el papa Juan Pablo II en la constitucisn apostslica - Divinus Perfectionis Magister - del 25 de enero de 1983). Y, puesto que soy una americana puedo tambiin atestiguar que el lugar de sor Marma en la historia americana es destacado. Ella es la 'Dama azul' que se aparecis sobrenaturalmente a los americanos jumanos . . . ." Siga leyendo en espanol

West Texas Angelus, February 2007
(c) by Marilyn H. Fedewa

The Mystical "Lady in Blue" of the American Southwest
"Maria de Agreda -- a cloistered 17th century abbess who never set foot outside her birthplace of Agreda, Spain -- will soon be featured in Grolier Encyclopedia's upcoming biography series on 800 influential Hispanic Americans, alongside Joan Baez, Carlos E. Castaneda, and Cesar Chavez. . . . How does a Spanish nun who never physically visited the New World earn such acclaim? The answer lies in her legendary appearances between 1620 - 1631 as the 'Lady in Blue,' through which she mystically 'bilocated' to New Mexico, Texas and Arizona to preach Christianity . . . ." Click here to read entire text

Tradicion Revista, December 2005
(c) by Marilyn H. Fedewa

Agreda Nuns Consider John Paul II a Saint
"Like Pope John Paul II, the Conceptionist nuns in Agreda, Spain, are known for their uncommon devotion to the Blessed Mother. . . . In their quiet cloistered order, embracing almost round-the-clock spiritual exercises and meditative prayer, the Agreda nuns seldom watch the small television set usually relegated to a dark corner outside their dining hall. The Pope's recent funeral services, however, provided a notable exception. . . ." Click here to read entire text

CatholicNews Digest, April 12, 2005
(c) by Marilyn H. Fedewa

Cloistered Nun Wields a Quiet Power
"December 2004 marks the 150th anniversary of the Catholic doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and a unique opportunity to appreciate our Hispanic heritage. . . . Behind cloistered convent walls in 17th century Agreda, in northeastern Spain, Sor Maria de Agreda [also known as Mary of Agreda] exuded a quiet saintly power that reverberated all the way to the king's court in Madrid, and even across the ocean to the New World in America. . . ." Click here to read entire text

(c) Coloquio Revista Cultural, December 2004
by Marilyn H. Fedewa

Sor Maria de Jesus y la Concepcion Inmaculada en America
"Los estadounidenses cuentan con numerosas razones para venerar la memoria de esta mistica del siglo XVII. Desde sus apariciones sobrenaturales en la Texas colonial y en Nuevo Mejico, hasta sus escritos visionarios en "La Ciudad Mistica de Dios", los estadounidenses no necesitan mirar muy lejos para encontrar oportunidades para admirar su vida heroica, llena de virtudes y logros extraordinarios. . . ." Siga leyendo en espaqol

(c) Heraldo de Soria, December 3, 2004
by Marilyn H. Fedewa

Mel Gibson's Spanish Connection
"The link between a 17th century Spanish mystic and a 21st century popular icon is not as far-out as it might first seem. Mel Gibson, in preparation for making his film, The Passion of the Christ, read not only biblical records of the last 12 hours of Christ's life, but also other background works, including Mystical City of God by Venerable Maria de Jesus of Agreda, Spain. . . ." Click here to read entire text

(c) MiGente Magazine, March 2004
by Marilyn H. Fedewa

Millions Flock to Passion Film
"Mel Gibson's powerfully profound film, 'The Passion of the Christ,' depicts the last 12 hours of Christ's life. . . Many people exit the theaters silently respectful, changed somehow, shocked at the violent pain and suffering Christ endured out of love for all mankind. . . Yet many have commented that much of the film seems to be seen through Mary's eyes, sorrowfully but resolutely following the brutality inflicted on her Son. Since Maria de Agreda's work is written entirely from Mary's perspective, that indicates a possible influence. . . ." Click here to read entire text

(c) MiGente Magazine, March 2004
by Marilyn H. Fedewa

Gibson Reportedly Inspired by Agreda in Making "The Passion"
"A controversial new movie directed by Mel Gibson, 'The Passion of the Christ,' . . . is likely to be the most watched Passion play in history. . . . To tell his story, Gibson has amalgamated the four Gospel accounts and was reportedly inspired by the visions of two nuns: Mary of Agreda (1602-1665) of Spain and Anne Catherine of Emmerich (1774-1824). . ."

(c) NEWSWEEK, February 16, 2004
by Jon Meacham

En Tejas Veneran a Sor Maria
"La pasion de Marilyn H. Fedewa por la figura de Sor Maria de Jesus de Agreda comenzs en 1997 con la lectura de "La Mistica Ciudad de Dios", lo que le llevs a estudiar su vida. Escritora y Consejeras de Comunicaciones, vive en Michigan (Estados Unidos), donde se ha convertido en una defensora de la causa de beatificacisn de La Venerable. . . ." Siga leyendo en espanol

(c) Heraldo de Soria, April 25, 2004
An Interview with Marilyn H. Fedewa

Throngs Visit Agreda Hoping for Beatification
12,000 people flocked to Agreda, Spain in 2002 for the 400th anniversary of Venerable Maria de Agreda's birth. Newspapers echoed popular support for her beatification and bemoaned the lengthy process. Padre Angel Martinez Monux reminds advocates of the solid progress in her Cause since the Centennial began. First, the Vatican Secretariat of State confirmed that he found no theological errors in Mystical City of God, an issue that had clouded her Cause in the past. Second, the Franciscan Postulator General, Luca M. DeRosa submitted a new petition for the "nihil obstat" (go-ahead) for the pursuit of her Cause for Sainthood, an official action necessary to proceed.

Summarized from Publicacion Para Beatificacion, December 2003
by Marilyn H. Fedewa

The Beatification of Sor Maria Goes to Rome
"The Spanish Mariology Society petitioned the hierarchy of Rome to . . . [move] forward the beatification process for the venerable Maria de Jesus de Agreda, according to society president, Enrique Llamas Martinez, during the 54th annual Week of Marian Studies." Click here to read entire text

Diario de Soria, Spain, September 6, 2002
Translation (c) by Marilyn H. Fedewa

Historians Find Treasure Trove in Sor Maria's Work
"American historians and scholars of foreign language and literature found in Sor Maria's Mystical City of God, and the 600+ letters between her and King Felipe IV, a treasure-trove of cultural insight into 17th century Spain and the New World from a religious and political point of view. . . . [Noted Mariologist] Dr. Miravalle said . . . that Sor Maria's description of Mary 'mirrors the thoughts of the great Marian doctors St. Bernard of Clairvaux, St. Bernardine of Sienna, St. Albert the Great, and even later authors such as St. Alphonsus Liguori and St. Maximilian Kolbe'." Siga leyendo en espanol

Revista de Soria, Vol. 36, 2002
(c) by Marilyn H. Fedewa

Vatican Official Directs Course on Sor Maria
"The minister of the Presidency, Sorian Juan Josi Lucas, visited Agreda today to officially inaugurate a new year-long series of courses offered by the University of Alfonso VII about the life and work of Sor Maria de Jesus. . . . . The president of the Pontifical International Marian Academy of Rome - Gaspar Calvo - will direct the course. Calvo commented with satisfaction on the importance of making 'more and better known'  'such an important figure as Sor Maria'. "

Heraldo Soria, Spain, August 7, 2001
Translation (c) by Marilyn H. Fedewa

Venerable's Writing Slowed Down Her Beatification
In Summary: "According to Father Angel Martinez, Sor Maria's beatification was hindered by her 'mystical literary style' of writing in Mystical City of God. Martinez addresses this and many other issues in his 2001 doctoral thesis, a 33 year effort on the life and works of Sor Maria." Click here to read entire text

Diario de Soria, Spain, June 24, 2001
Translation (c) by Marilyn H. Fedewa

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