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Venerable's Writing Weights Down Her Beatification

The work of Sor Marma de Jeszs de Agreda, Mystical City of God, is a revelatory work of her time, and has been weighted down with an argument that, in part, put the brakes on her cause for beatification. Questions about this process stir important theological debates between the presentation style of Sor Marmas work and the revelations about the Virgin Mary contained in her work. A conscientious and thorough analysis of the contents of her manuscriptmost important to the cause of the Venerablecomprises the doctoral thesis published recently by the Franciscan priest, Angel Martmnez Moqux. This study presents its premise in the title (Marma, mmstica ciudad de Dios: una mariologma interactivatranslated to Maria, mystical city of God: a marian interaction). It has taken 33 years to complete, and sheds light on the motivation behind the 400th anniversary celebrations of the birth of the Venerable.

Moquxs thesis is divided into two parts. In the first, he offers characteristics of Mystical City and the history of the era in which it was written, so the reader will be better able to understand the latter material. In the second part, he maintains more of a theological character, and concentrates on aspects related to Sor Marmas treatment of the life of the Virgin Mary. Sor Marmas is a vision most relative and topical today, maintains the author of this doctoral thesis.

It is precisely this outlookthe essence of a revealed works origin and contentthat unravels one of the principal arguments weighting down the beatification of the religious all these years after her death. Moreover, the scholar explains another argument of more academic nature, that has confronted the theological position of the Dominicans and the Franciscans. It is the definition of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin, a dogma accepted in actuality by the Catholic Church since the 17th century, though not officially endorsed until 1854.

Sor Marma de Jeszs de Agreda embodies the essence of maternal qualities, says Moqux. She is an unencumbered realist with great human and mystical sensibility. In his work Marma, mmstica ciudad de Dios: una mariologma interactiva, the author postulates that the content of Mystical City of God has slowed down the beatification of Sor Marma for centuries. Padre Moqux shows that a critical look now at the theological content of Sor Marmas writing will call that delay into question, because much of the difficulty may be attributed to problems in interpreting her mystical literary style. We have been mandated by Rome, he said to the provincial and diocesan centennial organizing committee, to assemble all the material about the research and investigations of Sor Marmas work. The scholar of the Venerable expressed confidence that the centennial celebrations will give new life to the beatification process, and will also increase awareness of the significant contributions of the Venerable.

Diario de Soria, Spain, 24 June 2001
Translation (c) by Marilyn H. Fedewa

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