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The Lady in Blue from Agreda, Spain

Image depicting Sor Maria as the Lady in Blue, preaching to Jumano Native Americans of West Texas La Dama Azul


La Dama Azul  -  the beautiful Lady in Blue of the American Southwest  -  is none other than Sor Maria de Jesus of Agreda, Spain. A 17th century cloistered abbess, Maria de Agreda had longed since her childhood to become a missionary in the New World. It was, however, not an option open to young girls of her era. Instead, her family founded a convent in their home, and she donned the veil of a Conceptionist nun.

The longing to become a missionary nevertheless persisted, and erupted in a most unusual phenomenon. In ecstatic prayer after receiving Communion, the young nun felt that she was mystically transported to the American Southwest. There, in spirit, she endeared herself to the Jumano Native Americans, who described her as the beloved "Lady in Blue" who taught them Christianity. All the while, the nuns in her convent testified that she had never left the premises.

Lore abounds in present-day Texas and New Mexico about the Lady in Blue (recently Jumano descendants contacted me about Sor Maria--stay tuned for updates). There, she is known for her inspiration to colonial missionaries and Native Americans alike. Yet, despite the astounding phenomena of her bilocations to America, Maria of Agreda was known in Spain not only known for her extraordinary mystical experiences, but also for her prolific writing, and her 22-year long correspondence with King Felipe IV of Spain.

To this day, her writing and her legacy continues to inspire people around the globe. Follow the links on these pages to learn more about the Lady in Blue, and for the latest on my new biography of her life. In the meantime, for information on this page's image of the Lady in Blue, please see the explanation and credits below.

Marilyn H. Fedewa

Image Explanation and Credits:
The CENTRAL PORTION of the above image is from a mural on display in St. Anne's Church of Beaumont, Texas. It depicts Sor Maria -- as the Lady in Blue -- preaching to the Jumano Native Americans of West Texas. The original work was painted by Mrs. Dorothy White, and subsequently transferred to the church walls. The OUTER BORDER is from an altarcloth personally embroidered by Sor Maria, from her impressions of the American Southwest after mystically bilocating there. The two images were creatively merged by Abby Wieber of Faith Publishing Services. All rights reserved. No use without permission.

Thank you for visiting, and please come back soon! In the meantime, for availability on my new biography on Sor Maria, please email me at: M dot Agreda @ Comcast dot Net , and be sure to put "Agreda Update Request" or "Book Update" in the subject line, so your message doesn't get accidentally blocked by our Spam Control program!

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